Is this the face of modern conservation?


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This cruelty is being committed in the name of "conservation"


These atrocious examples of animal cruelty are what is now being called “conservation” by our government and certain named charities.
For years several government departments have been working closely with the RSPB to prosecute bird enthusiasts and falcon propagators for the theft and laundering of wild birds, although when they are continually faced with the fact there is no evidence for such crimes they are resorting to falsifying evidence in attempts to prosecute the innocent for their own benefit. In their desperation for prosecutions they have recently resorted to relying on petty paperwork offences, which due to the beaurocratic legislation which has been placed on breeders, can result in severe penalties or even prison. The structure of wildlife law contradicts human rights, deeming you guilty until you prove yourself innocent. This propaganda is part of a multi-million pound industry partly relying on wildlife crime to fund large organizations excessive pay-packets and giving charities like the RSPB the ability to lobby our government policies, affecting our lives from behind the scenes.

In the following pages we will show you the effect this is having and also show you what this modern “conservation” entails and the devastation it has caused to the lives of many innocent people, pointing out the numerous occasions were Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs [Defra] ( formerly DoE), Animal Health [AH] and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds [RSPB] have clearly broken the law to obtain convictions and their total disregard for animal welfare.

Although we understand wildlife crime is happening, we believe the figures claimed by such bodies as the RSPB, DEFRA, National Wildlife Crime Unit [NWCU], Joint Nature Conservation Council [JNCC] and Partnership for Action against Wildlife crime [PAW's] are overly exaggerated. While working on this for the last 3 years we have found massive irregularities in the way agencies and police conduct themselves dating as far back as 1981.

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Due to the complex nature of the information we will attempt to simplify it prior to each document so the reader can clearly understand and come to their own conclusion...

Who's interest are they looking out for?


What is the motivation behind modern "conservation" in the UK?


Much of this site is currently under construction and is being constantly updated due to new information coming to light, at present the hybrid registration page is the first section we have completed. We hope to have other sections up and running soon. Please bear with us, many thanks from the Falcon Crimes Team.












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