My representative and I made an appointment with the North Yorkshire Constabulary to see Inspector John Richardson.



We attended the Stokesley North yorkshire police station on the arranged date in 2008 for our interview with Inspector Richardson of North Yorkshire Police. During the interview we verbally explained the position then presented him with documents backing up our claim. After spending half an hour reading the supplied documents Inspector Richardson asked our opinion as to who was main people under suspicion, we explained that Mark Britton had been there since 1981 and currently holds the position of deputy enforcement and John Hounslow being Head of Global Wildlife, both would have known the situation. Mr Richardson explained that if the situation is as serious as it looks, he said in his opinion there would be no more birds registration department in Bristol. After 2 hours explaining the full implications of our research we left. I then heard nothing for 3 months, i wrote a letter to ask if i could be informed of the progress of the criminal investigation, according to Mr Richardson this letter was never received. So i proceeded to write another letter as follows and sent it on the 30th March 2009.


Then i received the official assessment of the allegations:

Throughout this web site you may notice certain patterns emerging in regards to how suspects are investigated, there are clear links showing the differing standards in how cases are dealt with, if "respected" charities, large moneymaking organizations, government bodies or even the police force itself are accused of perverting the cause of justice the investigating body's will at any cost avoid the alleged
crimes or anything that might lead to discrediting the above parties, as the implications are too big and could result in a national scandal.