This is a list of Birds registered before 1994.



Note that many hybrids were registered contrary to the claims by John Hounslow that none were registered before '94.



The birds on this list that should not have been registered include:

Peregrine X Barbary x14

Peregrine X Gyr x19

Peregrine X Gyr X Saker x1

Peregrine X Lanner x20

Peregrine X Lanner X Lugger x6

Peregrine X Merlin x4

Peregrine X Prairie x37

Peregrine X Saker x32

Gyr X Barbary x1

Gyr X Lanner x4

Gyr X Saker x22

Gyr/peregrine X Gyr/Lanner x2

Gyr/saker X Barbary x2

Lanner X Saker x6

Merlin X Hobby x1

Saker X Lugger x1

Saker X Peregrine x1

Saker X Peregrine/Lanner x1

Saker X Prairie x1

Barbary X Gyr x2

Lanner/Lugger X Lugger x2

Saker/Lanner X Lugger x19

Redtail X Ferruginous Hawk x4

A total of 202 birds registered illegally, each registration following the charges price list: CLICK HERE