In chronological order:

Hybrids Registration:

Letter to Mr Robb- 04/08/77

Original Schedule 4 list before any amendments- 1981

Letter to Mr Robb asking for illegal payment- 16/06/86

The price list for charges made by the DoE- March 1993

A list of registered birds pre-dating the '94 amendment

The consultation that took place without mention of hybrids- 21/02/94

News release from the DoE- 25/04/94

Consultation in 1999 confirming they refund wrongly charged registrations- 08/04/99

Clowes' admission there was NO consultation- 07/05/08

Letter claiming no hybrids were bred before '94- 08/05/08

Letter confirming hybrids did not need registration before '94- 28/05/08

Further confirmation that hybrids needed no registration- 04/06/08

Our first request for reimbursement- 26/06/08

Hounslow Denies Liability for illegally charging for Hybrids- 03/07/08

This is the claim form sent to the courts- 16/09/08

The letter that was distributed 5 days after the summons were served- 23/09/08

The letter Defra's legal team sent, delaying the court date- 24/09/08

Our reply to the arguments put forward by Defra- 28/09/08

A poll of stakeholders/keepers showing who was consulted in 94- June 08/December 08

SUN Meeting minutes showing no legal definition of hybrids-23/02/09

The meeting with Inspector Richardson and following letters- 30/03/09

A list of police contacted who ignored the duty of care

Relevant Legislation (and definitions):

Time Limitations Act 1980

The original Schedule 4 list

The Schedule 4 list after amendment

Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981

Birds (Registration Charges) Act 1997